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Another weekend of dodgy weather didn't ruin the BIAMF completely, there were plenty of Italian vehicles of every description on show. Photo's of the day are on the forum/Facebook/Flickr and all those sorts of places.
The (very) newly arrived legshield banners were on show, so new that Giles nipped off at one stage to pick them up! Also the Tee shirts were available for pick up and those that had pre-ordered snapped them up quickly, contact the usual suspects to order, other designs may be in the pipeline.
One scooter sadly going, Kate has sold her Spanish 125 Super, a guy came up from Devon and taken the small frame off to it's new home. With luck the weather should dry up a bit and I'll see you out and about, all be it slowly as I start the long process of running in all over again.

Cheers, Mike.

Bristol Lambretta club meetings:
The club are now meeting monthly
1st Sunday of the month at the Nova scotia

between 12.00 - 14.00



Cheers until next time,Bristol
email the Friday Club at ..........fridayclub@blueyonder.co.uk




Giles's Series 2 showing off the newly available
lefshield banners, Tee shirts were available but
went very quickly.












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